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How to Unlock A Locked Windows User Account

By | Aug 2, 2013

Can’t log on to your computer because your Windows user account is locked out? A locked user account in Windows remains locked for some duration which depending on the settings of your account lockout policy. It automatically unlocks after the given duration. But if you set the lockout duration to 0 minutes, the locked user account in Windows does not unlock itself. How to get out of this situation without reinstalling Windows?

Luckily there is a bootable CD called PCUnlocker, which allows you to unlock a locked Windows user account easily! It saves all your important data and time instead of reinstalling windows.

How to Unlock A Locked Windows User Account?

Step #1: Because you’re already locked out of Windows user account, you’re not allowed to do anything with the locked computer. To get started, you need to use another computer to create a PCUnlocker Boot CD. Download the zipped ISO image of PCUnlocker. Extract the pcunlocker.iso from the download .zip archive, then burn the ISO image to a blank CD using ISO2Disc program.

Step #2: Take out the PCUnlocker Boot CD and connect it to your locked computer. Turn on the computer and get it to boot from CD drive. To achieve this, you may need to change the boot order in the computer’s BIOS.

Step #3: Once you boot the computer from CD, it will start the PCUnlocker program after about one minutes. The program locates your Windows SAM registry hive and display the account properties (account locked out? disabled? or expired?) of Windows local user accounts.

Step #4: Choose a user account which is shown as locked out, and click on “Reset Password” button. The program will unlock your locked Windows user account immediately, and also reset the number of invalid password attempts which is recorded in Windows.

Step #5: Restart the computer and eject the PCUnlocker Live CD. You can then log back on to your Windows user account without a password! It’s that simple!

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