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How to Reset Windows 7/Vista/XP Password with Trinity Rescue Kit

By | Apr 10, 2012

With so many passwords to remember these days, it is easy to forget one of them. It happens to the best of us: we forget the password to our Windows computer and end up re-installing the OS, probably losing all your installed software and its settings or even important data.

There are a couple of ways to reset lost Windows 7/Vista/XP password but most of them are not easy for computer novices, or might don’t work for your case. So this tutorial will guide you through a quick and simple way to reset lost or forgotten Windows password with Trinity Rescue Kit (TRK). Trinity Rescue Kit is a free Linux live CD designed to help with troubleshooting common Windows problems. Among its many features, it can reset lost Windows 7/Vista/XP password.

To get started, you need to download the ISO Image of Trinity Rescue Kit from TrinityHome, then burn it onto a CD or a USB drive using any burning software you like. We recommend to use BurnCDCC to burn the ISO image to a blank CD or DVD.

Part 1: Boot up from Trinity Rescue Kit

After you have burned a disk, place it in the CD/DVD drive of your locked computer, and then restart the computer. When the computer is turning on, go to the boot menu (usually by pressing F8 on most computers, F9 on mine). When inside the boot menu, select the media you have the TRK on.

When TRK brings up its first menu, choose the first option. The menu will disappear and TRK will start loading all of its utilities and we can get started.

Part 2: Reset Windows 7/Vista/XP Password with Trinity Rescue Kit

When TRK loads you get a list of tasks TRK can perform. Navigate down to the 4th option (Windows Password Resetting) using the arrow keys and press Enter once it is highlighted.

Once you select that option, you get a list of ways you can select to reset your lost password. Here we select the Winpass prompts for username first option. TRK will ask you the username whose password you want to reset.

At this point, TRK will search your hard drive for all currently Windows installations and list them. You’ll need to select the relevant installation here.¬† If you have only one OS installed, then merely press 1 and hit Enter.

Now, at the final stage, you will get yet another list of options. Here, choose the method by which you want to remove the password. Press 1 and hit enter.

And that’s absolutely all you need to do. Now reject the TRK disk and restart the computer. You can log into your computer without prompting you for a password.

Note: If you still can’t reset your lost Windows 7/Vista/XP password using Trinity Rescue Kit, or TRK can’t find your hard drive as your Windows system is installed on a RAID/SCSI/SATA device, then you need to purchase a professional and commericial software – Password Recovery Bundle to reset your lost or forgotten Windows password.

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