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How to Remove Windows 7 Password if You Forgot It

By | Jun 11, 2012

I set my user login password on Windows 7, after setting new password I forget, now when i start computer, login window appears and ask me password.I could not be loging in system. How to remove Windows 7 password so I can bypass the login window?

It’s a good habit to set a password on your computer so that people can not enter windows without knowing your password. But if you forgot Windows 7 password, you’ll also be prevented from logging in.  How to remove Windows 7 password if you forgot Windows password and can’t log on using any administrator account?

In this article I’ll cover the most efficient and easiest way to remove Windows 7 password. With Password Recovery Bundle you can reset / remove / unlock Windows 7 login password in minutes, even if you can’t get into Windows system. Let’s know how can we achieve it.

  1. First we need to find an accessible computer which we can enough privileges to download and install software.  Go to the product page of Password Recovery Bundle, download and install it on your computer.
  2. Launch Password Recovery Bundle and click Windows Password button, follow the on-screen steps to create a Windows password reset disk on a blank CD, DVD or USB stick.
  3. Bring the Windows password reset disk to boot your Windows 7 computer.  To get it to boot from the bootdisk you may need to change the BIOS settings to set CD/DVD or Removable Device as the 1st boot device.
  4. Once the boot procedure is complete, you’ll see the Reset Windows Password program, which is the key part in the bootdisk.  The bootdisk is a mini operating system which consists of other files and programs.
  5. Choose the Windows 7 SAM registry hive and select your desired user account. Click the Reset Password button to remove your forgotten password.

Restart your computer and reject the Windows password reset disk.  Next time when you get to the logon screen, let’s the password field as blank, you should be able to login successfully. Additionally, this Windows password reset disk can also be used to remove Windows password on Windows 8, Vista, XP and Windows Server 2008, 2003 and 2000. It’s really useful and it should be a must-have utility for every computer users.

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