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How to Recover Windows 7 Password with A Live CD

By | Sep 26, 2012

Most of us might have experienced a situation when we forget Windows 7 password. And we are not able to log in to Windows 7 system. At that time the only solution that comes into our mind is the installation of fresh copy of Windows but this will lead to loss of all data and files that are in the windows drive.

Actually, there is also another way around using which you can recover Windows 7 password easily. No need to install a fresh copy of Windows. The tutorial is only for the purpose of recovering your Windows 7 password. This should be used only when you lost or forgot Windows 7 password and not for hacking into others’ system.

How to Recover Windows 7 Password with A Live CD?

The first thing here is to get a Windows 7 password recovery program, and make a bootable disk with it. Password Recovery Bundle can be a good option, which can help you access your computer and let you remove the password. Not only for Windows 7, this program also works well on Windows XP and Vista.

  1. Install and launch Password Recovery Bundle on any accessible computer.

  2. Click on the Windows Password button, the pop up dialog allows you to burn a Windows 7 password recovery Live CD.
  3. Insert the Live CD into your computer whose password you forgot, and set the computer to boot from CD by going into BIOS and set CD/DVD as the first boot device.
  4. Restart the computer and it will begin to load the system inside the Live CD.
  5. Once the boot procedure is complete, the Reset Windows Password will start.

  6. Choose a user account and click on the Reset Password button, it will remove your forgotten Windows 7 password in seconds.

Now take out of the Live CD and restart the computer. Then you can access your computer without being asked for any password. If in need, you can set a new password for your computer again, but this time, try to use a password that you can remember.

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