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Can’t Log in After Windows User Account Expires

By | Aug 6, 2013

If your Windows user account expires, then you’ll receive the error message “The user’s account has expired” when you try to log on with a expired Windows account.

In this situation, if you can log on using an alternate administrator account, you can then turn off the user account expiration easily by running the following command from an elevated Command Prompt:

net user Tom /expires:never

Replace Tom with your actual account’s name. However, things can get tricky if you don’t have an alternate admin account. But there is always solution for every problem. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to log in to Windows by turning off user account expiration from a bootable CD.

PCUnlocker is a bootable CD that is widely used to reset lost Windows password, but it can also be used to turn off user account expiration, enable a disabled account and unlock a locked-out user.

How to Unlock A Expired Windows User Account with PCUnlocker?

  1. Download the zipped ISO image of PCUnlocker using an alternate computer. Extract the pcunlocker.iso from the download file, and then burn it to a CD using ISO2Disc program.
  2. Now connect the CD to your computer that you’re trying gain access to. Change the boot order in BIOS and get the computer to boot from CD.
  3. Once booting from the CD, it will start the PCUnlocker program itself in less than one minute. The program automatically locates your Windows user account and displays the account properties. You can see the password expiration option, but the account expiration option is not shown on screen.
  4. Choose a user account and then click on “Reset Password” button. The program will then reset the password, unlock/enable a locked-out or disabled account, and turn off the account expiration.
  5. Restart your computer and remove the CD. You can then successfully log back in to your Windows account without any problem. It’s that simple!

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