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Lost Windows 7 Administrator Password?

By | Jan 31, 2013

Lost Windows 7 administrator password? Sure, there are a few workarounds to access your account using a Linux Live CD but they are time consuming and boring as you need to go through a long procedure. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to remove lost Windows 7 administrator password in just 3 steps. How [...]

I Disabled My Only Administrator Account and Can’t Log in to Windows?

By | Jan 28, 2013

I disabled my built-in administrator and now I can’t log in with the administrator account. Only a user account is left. Now I can’t log on to my computer. What to do? have tried Safe Mode and no avail. The only administrator account is disabled and can’t log in to Windows? Don’t worry! Here I [...]

How to Crack Windows 7 Password with BackTrack

By | Jan 24, 2013

Lost your Windows 7 password and cannot log in to your machine? If you have a rescue disk, you should be okay. If not, you might have to turn to BackTrack Linux for help. The method that I describe in this tutorial can works with all computers running Windows 7 system. To get started, you [...]

How to Unlock My Laptop If I Forgot My Password

By | Jan 23, 2013

Forgot the password on your Windows 7 laptop? Your stupid annoying cousin has changed your password? Or something should have gotten mistyped while you was resetting your password and now you can’t log on your laptop? The most common method of unlocking a laptop is to boot up in Safe Mode by pressing F8 when [...]

Windows 7 Laptop Password Reset

By | Jan 20, 2013

Forgot Windows 7 password on your laptop? It is probably one of the most common technical support problems. Well, there are many ways to attempt laptop password recovery, such as the use of various Linux Live CDs that help reset the lost or forgotten password. However, it’s so much headache for non tech savvy users [...]

How to Fix the Problem “Windows Won’t Accept My Password”

By | Jan 18, 2013

Windows won’t accept your password even if you’ve typed in a correct password? If your account are not locked out or disabled, it’s likely that you have turned on the NumLock feature that many laptops have. After enabling the NumLock feature, you’ll find a strange problem and you can’t type normal anymore. For example, when [...]

Forgot Windows 7 Password But Can Still Login with Fingerprint

By | Jan 9, 2013

I’ve used the fingerprint reader to login for a few months now, so it’s to be expected that I can’t remember my password. I can log in to Windows 7 with fingerprint but don’t know how to reset or recover the password. Any known solution? Forgot Windows 7 password but you can still login with [...]

Forgot Windows 7 Virtual PC Password

By | Jan 7, 2013

I was given a Windows 7 Virtual PC which belonged to an employee who left our company. The virtual PC has important code and data. Anyways, I started up the instance in Microsoft Virtual PC 2007, but can’t logon because we don’t know any user names or passwords for the machine. How can I reset [...]

Can’t Log in to Windows Because the Administrator Account is Disabled

By | Jan 6, 2013

Can’t log in to Windows because the administrator account is disabled? Under certain circumstances, you may find yourself without the ability to log in as an administrator. Some situations include: You upgraded from Windows XP, and your administrator account is gone or disabled You demoted all administrator accounts to standard users Your administrator account was [...]

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