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How to Remove Windows Administrator Password?

By | Oct 25, 2012

Forgot Windows administrator password? This might bring a lot of irritating and time consuming consequences. Even if you can still log on your computer with a limited account, you don’t have full right to remove or change administrator password. So the only option is to do it from a boot CD/USB. With Reset Windows Password [...]

How to Bypass Windows 7 Login Password

By | Oct 11, 2012

Forgot Windows 7 login password? There are many password cracking tools available for cracking Windows account password but the problem is that you can’t install the software if you can’t get into Windows. This post is going to help you to bypass Windows login password even if you can’t log on your computer. Reset Windows [...]

Forgot Your Windows Tablet Password?

By | Oct 9, 2012

My daughter reset login password several times on her Windows tablet PC and now cannot remember what it is? Please help me to fix this problem, It’s been well over a month already and no avail! Forgot your Windows 8/7/XP tablet password? Many times we change Windows password in order to maintain the security of [...]

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