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Recover Windows Passwords With Free Password Recovery Tools

By | May 15, 2012

There are times when you forget your Windows password or someone changes it without your knowledge. In such situations, you will be locked out of Windows. To regain access, you can use some password recovery software to recover your Windows password. This article contains a list of some such password recovery software. Note:  Most of [...]

How to Time Limit Users in Windows 7

By | May 11, 2012

If your children spend a lot of time in front of the computer, you might wish to check them more closely in order to limit the amount of time they use the PC or surf the Web. This quick trick will let you put a time limit in Windows 7 which, after a certain amount [...]

Ultimate Ways to Break Windows 7 Password

By | May 11, 2012

I forgot my Windows password and I want to upgrade my OS from 7 to Windows 8. I have a Dell desktop and can’t log in. I can’t seem to upload the new system from startup. What do I need to do? Forgot Windows 7 password? How to break Windows 7 password and regain access [...]

How to Disable Windows 7 Password Expiration

By | May 6, 2012

Windows 7 password expiring is not too common but it does happen. I received a computer from a program called California Connects in which by default they set the password to expire every 30 days. It’s a huge annoyance. Yes, I understand it’s the difference between security and convenience but if you have a strong password you should be ok. Now what if I don’t care [...]

Forgot Windows 7 Password? How to Remove Windows 7 Password Easily?

By | May 6, 2012

Forgot Windows 7 password? How to remove Windows 7 password easily? There are many free password cracker software which are able to crack Windows 7 password. But if your password is longer than five characters, it may take you a few hours and days to recover your Windows password.  Is there any quick way to [...]

Create an Account Lockout Policy in Windows 7

By | May 3, 2012

How you can protect your computer against anonymous user account attacks? Now I am going to help your increase your level of protection with the Account Lockout Policy. Creating an Account Lockout Policy will protect your account by limiting the number of time a remote application or attacker can try to guess your password.  This [...]

How to Make Windows 7 Run Faster

By | May 2, 2012

At this moment, you’re probably satisfied with how Windows 7 runs, but you probably want to squeeze as much juice as you can out of it. Despite the improvements, the operating system still takes up resources that didn’t necessarily have to be used for normal functions. Let’s have a look at a few of those [...]

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